Beginning Again!


It’s the night before I go back to school for the year (teacher meetings tomorrow, no kiddos), and I am up late, baking cupcakes for our lunch potluck tomorrow. Why do I never do these things earlier in the day? 4:45am is going to come pretty early tomorrow.

I have met my “class” of Leadership kids. I use the term class lightly because I only have about half of a class so far. I spent my time at Get Your Stuff Day recruiting, and ended up with 50 potentials! Feast or famine, I suppose. So now I have to do a lottery for my class to make it fair. At least I will have a full group of 28-29, though. It will make the year go easier.

I’ve been spending the weekend making posters and figuring out bulletin boards. I am going to make a Twitter board for this year to use for my exit tasks. I thought it would be a fun way to check for understanding of the learning target. At least for a while, anyway.

I applied to be the curriculum leader for Humanities this year. I have an interview tomorrow. I would love to do it, since I am really excited about the 7th grade curriculum. I am so stoked to teach The Outsiders, especially! We’ll see how that goes. I am also going to volunteer to pilot the new teacher evaluation program. I want to really understand it and have a say in what happens with my own evaluations, albeit a small one. Perhaps I am biting off a lot, but that has always been my way.

I am nervous about starting over again. I love where I am working so far: the people are wonderful, the kids seem great so far, and it’s amazing what a difference a discipline plan can make. I’m anxious, but excited for what’s to come.


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