Being Involved


This year, I took on several extra-curricular activities. I chose to take on the Key Club as its adviser, and then was asked to co-coach the dance team. Funny enough, about a week after that, I was also asked to help out with the Debate team as the assistant coach. I have really enjoyed being a part of all of the activities this year. It has been interesting to learn about Key Club, and all of the ins and outs of advising a group like this. I’ve learned a lot about community service, the Kiwanis organization (which sponsors the Key Club), and have made some interesting relationships with students.

However, I definitely feel like all of the activities I have taken on (paid or no) have taken a toll on me. And probably on my family, too. While I know myself, and that I am perpetually a member of the over-committed club, I think I might need to scale it back some next year.

I think I really need to stick to doing things I am passionate about. I learned that with Debate this year. I’ve never been particularly passionate about Debate, even in high school. And although getting to know the kids was a lot of fun, I think that my time might be better served working on Key Club more regularly, or doing more for Crimson Haze.

It’s crazy, but I would also dearly love to start a Glee Club! I think with Patti’s choreography skills and my musical knowledge, we could have a blast! She doesn’t seem so excited about the idea, but I think that’s because she actually has some sense, whereas I apparently have none.


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