Teaching Can Be a Cruel Mistress


I’ve been up since 6am… on a Saturday morning. I’ve trekked over to PLU for a debate tournament and am spending my day with some of my students. I love doing this, and they are so fun to be around. But I think I may have over-committed myself this year.

I don’t think I would change anything about the course the year has taken, but I sometimes feel that I don’t have the proper amount of time to devote to each activity I’ve taken on and the amount of planning it takes to be a first-year teacher that I should. And I also worry that I am not spending nearly the amount of time with my family that I should either. I miss them a lot right now, especially Toby. We go through several days where we barely see each other.

I can honestly say I have learned much about myself these past months. Coming into my teaching position, I had never taught high school. While kids in high school are a bit different than junior high, they essentially need and want the same things: acceptance, understanding, and acknowledgment. I love this age. Sure, there’s the drama that comes with high school, but when you look past that, you find some really interesting people in the making. Coming into my job, I thought that they would all be completely apathetic to me and not give a damn about anything I say. And I also have to confess that I worried incessantly about them laughing at me about my weight. There are some who talk about me behind my back, but overall, they genuinely seem to want to know me. And I would even venture to say that they embrace my quirkiness, my excitement, and my creative ways. For the most part, anyway.

I’m taking this rare opportunity for down time to sit and do some planning today. It’s so hard to do it at home because there are various distractions, and if I do it at work I end up there until 7pm every night. Of course, I end up there that late a lot of the time anyway. I like what I do, though, because I always feel like there is something more to learn or do or figure out. It’s never dull, it’s always a challenge, and I always want to know more. Not everyone can say that about their career, can they?

Anyway, this was one long ramble, but my brain is kind of on autopilot right now.


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  1. Welcome to the world of teaching. You HAVE earned your stripes. My comment when you first began was that teaching is the hardest but most rewarding job in the world. It sounds like you would agree.

    Here’s to a great second half. Girls at that age can be very intimidating. Don’t let them get to you. You don’t have to put up with that crap! You’ve learned a lot the first semester and it’s nice to be able to start fresh with new classes. Good luck to a great teacher!

  2. We miss you! Lots:) But I know that things will settle down to “normal” come year two and SUMMER. Praying for you and a great second half!

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