Hard Times


It’s been a difficult month. I’ve applied for many jobs, interviewed for just a few of them, and have been turned down for all the ones for which I’ve interviewed. I’ve even applied for some outside the teaching field, and still can’t find anything. I have to say that I feel very frustrated and defeated right now. I’m trying to feel optimistic about the whole job situation, but I never dreamed it would be so hard to find a job after college.

At this point, I’m prepared to substitute teach in the fall for a few different districts. It’s not ideal, and I am not entirely excited about the idea. I know that subbing can perhaps open some doors I might not be able to get otherwise, but I guess the idea of no one wanting me full-time is a bit frustrating.

I’m taking the WEST-E for Mid-Level Humanities on Saturday. I’m nervous about taking it. I hope I know enough from teaching and studying that it will be something not too difficult. Other than that, there isn’t much going on right now. Cross your fingers for me, readers.


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  1. Dannielle!!

    Do not take this job hunting thing personally. Have you read all the posts recently of people looking for jobs and being discouraged? Some are people you know. These are tough times and MANY people are competing for a few jobs. Hang in there. Something will open up.


  2. Thanks, Mary.

    I’m currently having a pity party, table for one. About half of my class from my MA program have found jobs and that has me a bit discouraged. I have several applications out still, a few of which are at Highline.

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