Strengths & Weaknesses


I have a job interview today.

It’s the first one I have ever had as an educator and I have to confess that I am incredibly nervous. I’ve always been a fairly good interviewer, thanks to the drilling my father did while I was in high school. There is never a time I have gone into an interview feeling so unprepared as I am today. I even know many of the things they might ask me, and I am honestly struggling with one particular thing: what are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?

Now, I am not bringing this subject to light simply because I want my many (read: 2) readers to tell me how amazing or awful I am. This is one thing with which I am truly struggling and I am hoping that by writing I can flesh it out a bit.

Strengths: I am very patient. I have no trouble changing a situation several different times if it’s not working for my class environment and honestly welcome the challenge of finding the method that will work for each particular situation. Kind of like a puzzle piece. I truly enjoy working with kids. The highlight of my day is knowing I will be in a classroom, working with students. I find them fascinating and engaging and I always want to know more about them. Is that a strength, though? I know that when I was student teaching, my university supervisor said my lessons were very creative and that I was an enthusiastic teacher. I guess there are a few strengths in there.

Honestly, though, I am having the most trouble identifying a weakness. I know I have them, it would be hubris on my part to think that I don’t. I know there are things I would have liked to have changed about my student teaching. I think wanting to do too much is a weakness. I want to teach so much and do so many activities that some things need to be weeded out. I did find it difficult to narrow down some activities some times. But is that a strength, or is it a weakness?

I feel wholly unprepared for this experience. I hope that changes before the interview and I can calm down enough to get this job.


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  1. Hope it goes (went) well. Keep me posted. And yes, you are wonderful :). Personally, from what I’ve seen and read of your thought processesand musings, I think you’re a born teacher. I hope the people doing the hiring can recognize that. Good luck.

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