It has been longer since I have posted than I would have liked. There has been so much to talk about, but not nearly enough time in which to do it. I will try to sum up much of it, but I’ll also try to be better about updating what is going on. This blog was meant, after all, to be a way to chart my progress as an educator.

My first few weeks in my cooperating teacher’s classroom had their ups and downs. I feel like I was trying too hard, that my cooperating teacher and I were not seeing eye to eye, and that I was really struggling. I’m told that is a common thing. But, we’ve ironed out a lot of our differences, and have learned a bit about each other, and I think we are getting along really well at this point. I really like and respect her. She’s enthusiastic about teaching and has a lot of insight and wisdom to share from which I can learn.

I am not even sure what week of school we’re in at this point. I think it’s Week 7. It’s already going so fast and I am not sure I have processed it all yet.


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