Crayons in a Box and Brand New Socks


I stole the headline from a friend, but it seems so fitting for the events of today.

I arrived at school a bit early, and moved a desk to the back of the room to sit at for the day. I readied my spiral notebook and my pencil, and sat to wait for kids to come. My mentor teacher hurried around, preparing the classroom for the day as well. I am not sure what I expected of the day, but I can say that I felt out of place, uncomfortable in my t-shirt that was like all the other teachers’, and completely unsure of myself. Students came into the classroom and looked at me strangely, as if they knew I didn’t belong. I was just waiting for one of them to stand and point an accusatory finger at me, outing me as an impostor.

No one did that, of course. The bulk of the day was spent learning new rules and routines, names, and basically getting acquainted to being in a new place. My mentoring teacher was obviously comfortable in her surroundings, having been there for several years. But I kind of found a kinship with the students who felt a little lost, because honestly, I did too.

As the day progressed, things eventually began to settle in a bit more, but the shiny patina of newness won’t fade for a while yet, I think. I hope tomorrow is easier, but at the same time I know it will almost be harder. The real work begins.


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