Open House, Teacher Meetings, and Helicopter Parents


Today was a very insightful day. It was my first experience on the teacher side of Open House, and the first time I’ve ever experienced the new school year from this end of the scope. It also gave me some perspective about how I have always approached the school year as a parent. There were several situations in which parents came in to talk to us as their child’s new teachers, and I feel like I understood some of the way my children’s teachers might have felt when I brought them in for Open House. I am certain that I have been one of those hovering sorts of parents that every teacher dreads. I am pretty sure that I will approach Open House for my kids quite a bit differently this year.

Prior to Open House, we met as a 6th grade Language Arts team. I am learning that, although I desperately want to talk during these meetings, my opinion is not yet valued. I am expected to be an observer, and it seems that I must earn my place in this group of people. I think this really has a lot to do with the hierarchy of things. There are administrators, then there are teachers, and then there are student teachers. I think I am on the lowest wrung of things. I’m interested to see what will happen as the year progresses.


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