The beginning of the school year is fast approaching. While I am really enjoying the break from college classes and school in general and have been doing a lot of things I enjoy, I am really anxious about the new year.

I have so many questions. I have so many worries. What if the kids hate me? What if I am not as authoritative as I need to be? What if it completely shows that I have no idea what I’m doing? What if I don’t know as much about my content area as I thought I did?What if my cooperating teacher doesn’t end up liking me? What if the rest of the teachers hate me?

It’s funny, because my daughter is going into junior high this year, and she’s been asking me all these same sorts of questions. It just serves as a reminder that no matter how old we get, we always have anxieties and insecurities. I told my daughter that she just has to be herself and to wait and see how everything goes. I should probably tell myself the same thing, I guess.

After hearing some horror stories from students that were in the past cohort before mine, I guess I’m a bit overly-sensitive about school relationships right now.

This week is going to be a busy one, though. Monday I have a class on grading. It’s generally only attended by certificated staff, but I was offered the opportunity to go, and I think it might be beneficial. Then Tuesday is the district convocation, a staff meeting, and Open House (my first chance to meet some of my students!). Then Wednesday is District Day. I know that all of the teachers in the district go to it, but I’m not sure what else happens there. I’m excited for it, though. Finally, Thursday is Building Day. It will be my first chance to meet some of the other teachers in the building that aren’t in the humanities department. Friday is a day off, but the following Tuesday, school begins!

Although I’m really apprehensive, I’m excited about what is coming. It’s the first wave of realization of my lifelong dream. It’s so close and I really feel like I’m ready.


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  1. These are tried and true lessons I learned throughout my teaching career.

    — Be prepared every day.
    — Treat all students with respect.
    — Be honest with your students and yourself. Don’t be
    afraid to say “I don’t know.”
    — If you make a mistake with a student, acknowledge it
    and apologize. They’ll respect you for that.

    Students don’t need a buddy in their teacher; they need a positive role model. They learn best from teachers they respect.

    You’ll do great. Just “be yourself!”

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